Support grows for monitoring of Burma elections

Countries have been showing their support for the monitoring of elections in Burma as the date of the elections draws closer.

The United States congratulated the NLD and Burmese government on the use of ANFREL as a non-biased third party to overview the elections.

China supports the move as well, saying they believe that Myanmar is a sovereign nation and supports all members of their government and their decisions.

India, however, said they have always expressed reservations about working with the Thai government. They said Thai officials have continually derailed and undermined the dedicated efforts of all parties involved.

India said they are “pleased to emerge as a responsible and trustworthy partner in the regional peace processes.”

U.S. suspends Thai funds — halts ability to make any wire transfer — await Asian markets open

The U.S., has frozen all Thai assets following a shadowy issue regarding the Burmese sovereignty crisis. It is unclear what the freezing of the $673 billion GDP economy’s foreign float might be until Asian markets open.

The U.S. has taken this actions while strongly denouncing the comportment of the Thai government during the Burmese crisis, though the facts of the behavior of that government, now located in Tahiti, are unclear.

From Washington, the U.S. said, “We are gravely concerned regarding the comportment of the Thai government during the Burmese crisis. At a time when thousands of refugees pour into its borders each day, the deceptive actions of the Thai government are deeply disturbing. The United States of America announces that pending an investigation into the misuse of aid funds allocated the government of Thailand all current US aid and security support is being suspended.  Until the investigations conclude, the US has suspended Thailand from utilizing the international interbank wiring system in the United States.”

Cassidy Pearson allegedly spotted alive in Tahiti

Thailand, whose delegation has been recently spotted in Tahiti, has said they have spotted the dead Burmese diplomat.

Pearson was reported to be found dead in a Bangkok hotel room of apparent suicide. No death report has still to be released about the death of Pearson, who was supposedly found by hotel staff in her room.

Countries began to offer condolences for the loss of Pearson and to her family immediately following her death.

PHOTO CREDIT: Thailand delegation

India condemns Thailand for its actions that result in diplomatic corps (and possibly Burmese aide) in Tahiti

As the Thai delegation and possibly the “late” Burmese adviser Cassidy Person send regards from Tahiti and hundreds of thousands of people starve on the Thai/Burma border, the Indian government has issued a condemnation of Thailand.

“In light of the recent situations, India wants to first and foremost express deep and sincere condemnation for this irresponsible action in light of the crisis.  From the beginning, India has been a steadfast, transparent, and loyal friend to its regional friends and partners.  This highlights the grave need for a strong and trusted regional ally,” the fast-growing democracy said in its statement.

It is clear that the government of Thailand was working in its own self-interest with complete disregard for its people and those of other nations.  It is an insult to the loss of life and the current peace process.  India reiterates its commitment to finding a solution, to being a trusted neighbor, and a responsible regional leader.

State Department Does Not Have Definite Count

Since the expansion and opening of Burma American Tourism has increased. However, there is no definite count. Each American tourist is not registered properly. The state department said “Yes there are American Tourists in Burma, but we do not know an exact number.”

Even without a definite count Burma does have an evacuation plan. The plan will ensure safety of American tourists during civil war by pulling them from the country immediately. NLD and Aung San Suu Kyi are making steps to improve the overall safety of not only American tourists but also their natives as well.

Myanmar, NLD want negotiations with rebel groups over elections

Myanmar and the NLD release another joint statement looking to have meetings with the rebel groups.

The two groups wished to have negotiations with the rebel groups to discuss the Constitution and the election process. They want to include the ethnic groups within the government to help resolve conflict in the border areas.

The full joint statement is below:

“The Union of Myanmar and the National League for Democracy propose negotiations with rebel groups regarding the Constitution and election process, particularly the inclusion of these ethnic groups within the government and resolution of conflict particularly in border areas.”

Thai Diplomats retire from service, leaving way open for AFREL to monitor Myanmar elections

The Thai diplomatic corps has retired from service, leaving the way open for ANFREL or another agent, such as a group headed by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, to observe the upcoming Dec. 19, 2015 election in violence-scarred Burma.

The group issued a news release from Tahiti, with a photo. T]

Thailand currently is managing more than 600,000 refugees in about nine camps on its hundred miles’ long border with Myanmar.. Additionally the terrorists who have been accused of violence in the capital were found in one of these refugee camps.