FLANDERS: Press release

Flanders came under terrorist attacks that precipitated the division of the Kingdom of Belgium into two regions. The Flemish people pushed through a referendum, loudly proclaiming their concerns on the safety of their lives and families. In the best interests of the people, the Netherlands and Flanders have mutually agreed to integrate Flanders as a semi-autonomous region into their great nation.

“We encourage our friends in the European Union and abroad to support this endeavor and we can continue discussions with our partners on the challenges that face Europe. We stand strong with our friends in the Netherlands as we pursue a prosperous future together.”


BREAKING: Lee Clark kidnapped

It has been reported that a member of the German delegation, Lee Clark, has been kidnapped by a terrorist cell operating within and with the sanction of Wallonia.

In response, a German task force sought to take custody of members of the Wallonian delegation, but the two Walloon suspects were killed in the altercation.
At this time the suspected terrorist ring leader, Carson Yates, is currently evading custody and the whereabouts of German representative Clark are unknown at this time.

UPDATE: ‘Potential terrorist threat’

Flanders and Netherland are working to find a solution for Belgium’s future.

A potential terrorist threat within Wallonia was uncovered by US intelligence. Germany is working with the US to gain more information about the potential terrorist threat.

While the annexation of Brussels into France was proposed by French delegation.



U.S.A denies authenticity of CIA document

The United States denies the authenticity of the CIA document. The origin of the forged information is being investigated. The USA hopes that their allies will support them in a time when terrorists want to tear us apart.

The USA knows the severity of this accusation but continues to look into the allegations of the document. To do this quickly, cooperation of the allies is needed.