New information leaked from alleged Top Secret CIA documents say that the recent terrorist attacks carried out in Northern Belgium were by a highly organized and motivated network of indiviudals seeking to spread fear across Western Europe. Sources say that the attackers are Belgian citizens who were radicalized.

They also received financial assistance from the Islamic state and are said to have previously received training from the United States according to the document.unnamed


Mayor Josh Gwinn: ‘It’s ridiculous! Insane’

Brussels Mayor Josh Gwinn adamantly opposed to the partition of the city. In a recent interview Gwinn stated, Ït’s ridiculous! Insane! What happened when Germany split into east and west? Or Jerusalem? We all know how these things work.”

Wallonia citizens ‘against compromise’

Recent polling in Wallonia indicates that public opinion is strongly against compromise with the Flanders government over the division of Brussels.

Only about 30% favor the rumored compromise. It also indicates uncertainty about Wallonia’s future if it were to become wholly independent and many favor of becoming part of the French Republic.

(This is a University of Kentucky Journalism School Simulation) EU Commisioner dies


EU Commissioner Nick Clark died this evening. Clark suffered a heart attack in Brussels earlier today and died en route to an area hospital.

Reports indicate the ambulance transporting Clark was delayed in traffic caused by a breakdown of transit services in Brussels.

Clark’s family released the following statement.

“Nick devoted his life to a stronger and more integrated European Union.  It is tragic that he died amidst a crisis that threatens the integrity of the EU.
The breakdown of services in Brussels, Nick’s home and the city he loved, caused his inability to obtain care in time to save his life.
We hope that his death can help bring perspective to the ongoing crisis and all European peoples can come together in this time of tragedy.”


Leslie Stubbs, a representative from NATO, says they are doing everything they can to prevent future attackers from escaping.

“NATO is working with all of our European allies that are obviously residing in Europe to figure out the ways in which that the attackers are able to enter the country undetected,” said  Stubbs.

Stubbs continues with who NATO plans to work with to make this happen.

“We will be working with all of the countries relevant to the crisis that are present as well as all the other countries that are not present, but are highly relevant to the crisis,” she says.

Stubbs had no comment when asked about the secret spy network and the German Intelligence. IMG_3707