Festival strives to bring unity to Belgium

In light of the recent shooting of King Philippe, Belgium will be hosting a unity festival in Veurne to celebrate solidarity among its borders. Veurne

Belgian officials are expecting 200 or more to attend the festival, which will consist of several presentations and performances. Due to recent attacks in the country, Belgium will be taking precautionary security measures.Belgium:Germany2 In addition to the regular police on patrol in Veurne, there will be several volunteer police officers working the festival.  Officials are looking to create a strong, secure atmosphere for the festival.

Leader of Belgium, Jocelyn Bell, hopes that the festival will unite the people of Belgium during a time of  great separation. “We have had people that would like to split our nation in two,” explained Bell, referring to a recent poll in which 36% of Belgians favored separating the northern region of the country from the southern region.  She looks forward to the festival as a celebration of unity and reminder of the rich culture of Belgium.


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