Netherlands to close borders to Flemish trade, multi-country OASIS spy treaty may include U.S.


As 90% of Belgium’s economic  trade goes through Netherlands, it could mean that the world’s supply of Belgian chocolate becomes one of the bargaining hostages in an effort to reunify Belgium.

Hunter Stephan, the chief Dutch diplomat, said “What we plan to do is work with our allies France and Germany to pressure the two sides together through economic statecraft. We intend to close our border with Flanders because 90% of its good are shipped through our borders.”

Stephan said that he stopped short of calling the move “sanctions.” He also said that they hadn’t actually spoken to France about the move yet, nor to the EU about how that overarching entity would recognize the two newly proclaimed nations. “We haven’t spoken with any of our neighbors. We understand that Germany will not recognize them and we plan to support Germany.”

German diplomats, waiting outside the door of the Netherlands embassy, said they had no comment at the time.

The Netherlands also revealed that a number of EU countries are working together on a joint spy agreement called the OASIS agreement….and they they have floated an amendment to ask the USA to join it.

The countries working on the Open Agreement of the Sharing of Intelligence and Security (OASIS) include France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, essentially 4/6 of the original EU nations and all members of NATO. Asked how this information is not available through NATO or the EU, Stephan said  “The ideas is that again this will be focused on the refugee crisis.”

He revealed that though the countries haven’t spoken to the U.S., there is an amendment being floated to ask the U.S. to join OASIS.

There would be “High, Medium and Low” levels of sharing intelligence with an HQ in the Netherlands, the spokesman averred. Despite the US position in NATO, and extensive NSA coverage of Middle Eastern terrorists, “our interpretation is that there would be no duplicative intelligence gathering,” Stephan said.





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