France accepting refugees


France has many refugees within its border. “The hope is always temporary for a nation who is seeing migrant crisis,” said  French representative Dana Lee. She said that unemployment poses a problem in nations of the EU. “Unregistered people are overwhelming cities and important towns,” said Lee. As a result, the overcrowding of refugees into the country can deplete the limited amount of resources France has in addition to their low poverty rates. “It’s difficult to integrate these people so quickly on such a short notice when there’s already low notice” said French representative Valerie McVey.

The French refugee cap is 30,000, but there are as many as 160,000 registered in the EU system.

Middle-Eastern Refugee Map

“We’re trying to see if other countries are able to up their quota.” McVey said. As a response, the U.S. has plans to provide help to countries dealing with an over influx of refugees. “We’re happy to be here to assist the EU. We’re just trying to figure out what we can do for them to help them solve this European-Syrian refugee crisis,” said U.S. Delegation Leader, Molly Johnson.

France will now focus on addressing the root causes to the end of war in Syria as well as the re- integration of Syrians back into their home country.





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