Editorial: Who represents Flanders and Wallonia?


Some time has passed since the former Belgium split into two newly formed states, Flanders and Wallonia.

Two supposedly new countries, but still one flag, one twitter account, and one email account.

The European Union is in crisis and two newly formed states at the center of it all seem to have no identity, and no voice.

It is vital that these two groups form their own Twitter accounts and email accounts, if they truly are the two countries they claim to be.

The people of the former Belgium need to know what is happening. Their nation has split into two and they are being kept in the dark by the two new states.

As the press it is our duty to seek the truth and report it, and to also hold government officials accountable.

They are currently the Twitter egg avatars of the international relations community.

Flanders and Wallonia, what are you doing? It is time to form your own email and Twitter accounts to keep your citizens, the world, and other heads of states informed.



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