U.S. condemns decision of Thailand to monitor Burma elections

NAYPYIDAW, BURMA (PRESS RELEASE) – The United States of America is highly disappointed with recent developments within Burma.  It is a violation of international norms and sovereignty for the State of Thailand to monitor the elections of its neighbor.

The US proposes that elections be monitored by the Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL), which has a long history monitoring elections throughout the region.  This proposal has been discussed with the Thai representatives and we are disappointed at their decision.

After making significant progress in past days it has become clear that the Burmese government has reneged on its promises to the NLD.  Elections monitored by a neighboring military junta cannot provide the kind of transparency and equity that is needed to bring peace to Burma.

Th US calls upon all regional powers to come to the table and discuss a mutual plan to ensure free and fair elections in Burma and the protection of all groups within the country.


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