Suu Kyi Attacked In Assassination Attempt (Simulation headline)

There has been an assassination attempt of Aung Sang Suu Kyi in Burma. The United States condemns the recent assassination attempt and warns that attacks of this nature will not be tolerated. The U.S. Embassy has sent its sympathies to the NLD movement, including an aid package to quicken the recovery of Suu Kyi. The U.S. Embassy has sent its sympathies to the NLD movement, including an aid package to quicken the recovery of Suu Kyi. “While these items are not necessities, we felt compelled to show Aung San Suu Kyi our support for her continued efforts toward democracy and freedom,” said public diplomat David Jankowski. The U.S. continues to support efforts toward the stabilization of Burma and the region.

China also condemns the attempt of the life of Suu Kyi. China warns terrorist groups in the region in the region not to exploit this event in any attempt to further destabilize Myanmar and the region. In a statement China said they, “would like to convey her solidarity with the government and all the people of Myanmar at this difficult time.” China believes this is a terrible development, and attempts should not be made to politicize this event.

The Kingdom of Thailand would like to extend its utmost sympathy to the family of Suu Kyi, the NLD, and the people of Myanmar. The people of Thailand stand with the government and people of Myanmar as they struggle for peace. In a statement Thailand said they, “condemn this senseless and heinous act in the strongest terms and are hopeful for a fast recovery of Mrs. Suu Kyi.” Thailand will be working with partners to investigate the assassination attempt in order to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice. Thailand encourages all parties to continue Suu Kyi’s tireless work towards peace, democracy, and development of Myanmar.


There are no details on Suu Kyi’s condition or on the attack itself. Leaders of all nations must pause and reflect on what has happened today. Recent attacks should help all nations involved understand the urgency needed in easing tensions in the region.


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