NLD, Myanmar announce union against domestic terrorism; region working toward release of captured diplomat

The NLD and Myanmar released a joint statement about joining forces to combat domestic terrorism.

This statement comes on the heals of reports of Poorvie Patel, an Indian diplomat, held by Myanmar on suspicion of espionage, who has been held for nearly a week in Naypyidaw in inhumane conditions. Myanmar refused to comment further on the situation. The NLD stated they remain supportive of human rights across the globe and remain to peace in the region.

India commented on the missing Patel, wanting a peaceful solution to the crisis.

“We are currently working with all our regional friends in order to work towards a peaceful solution to the many facets of the current crisis.”

The full press release is below.

“The Union of Myanmar and the National League for Democracy have reached an agreement to combat domestic terrorism as a united front. We look forward to working together towards the goal of a peaceful and stable country. We value the ethnic diversity present in our people and are hoping to advocate greater inclusion in the political process.”

Rebel groups, including the Kachin Independence Army and the Karen National Liberation Army repudiate the announcement by the NLD and Myanmar’s “united front against ‘terrorism.'” They added that the united from on the issue illustrates that the NLD does not hold true democratic values.

The rebel’s full statement is below:

“The Kachin Independence Army, the Karen National Liberation Army, Rohingya Mujahadeen, and all other groups struggling for the universal rights of freedom and self-determination repudiate the “united front against ‘terrorism'” announced by the oppressive Taptadaw and their NLD lap dogs. This action clearly demonstrates that, as has always been the case, the NLD does not represent true democratic values, but the continued oppression of the non-Burmese peoples of Myanmar. They and their bedfellows the Taptadaw will experience the “justice” they have delivered to our peoples in due time.”

UPDATE: The United States issued a statement applauding the efforts by NLD and Myanmar government to combat terrorism within their borders.

The U.S. statement in its entirety is below:

“The United States applaud the unified efforts by the NLD and Burmese government to confront terrorism in their country.

Public diplomacy correspondent David Jankowski said,  “Mutual respect and cooperation will send a strong message in calming tensions in the region. It is important that these government members can model how all Burmese citizens can work together toward solutions”

The US encourages the Burmese government and NLD to continue cooperative efforts.”


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