NLD disagrees with Rebel statement on union with Myanmar

The NLD sent out a press release disagreeing with the rebels.

The rebel groups released a statement saying that the NLD are “lap dogs” and do not truly have democratic values, continuing to oppress the non-Burmese people of Myanmar.

NLD said they have been tireless advocates for all the people of Burma who have been oppressed, pushing back against the Union of Myanmar.

Full release:

“Yangon, Burma – The National League for Democracy strongly disagrees with the recent press release made by the Rebel Groups in Burma.  The NLD has been a tireless advocate for all oppressed peoples in Burma and has consistently pushed the Union of Myanmar military government to stop the oppression and respect the human rights of the ethnic minorities in the country.

The ethnic minorities and all advocates for democracy in Burma should applaud what the NLD is fighting for instead of threatening continued violence.  The NLD is the main opposition party and feels it is our responsibility to continue the fight for free and fair elections for all.  We call upon the ethnic minorities and all those who feel oppressed by the current regime to meet with the NLD to voice their concerns in a productive manner.”


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