Myanmar arrests high level spy for passing info to U.S., Washington denies any involvement


On the eve of democratic elections that presumably would be monitored by U.S. officials and others, the former pariah state Myanmar has announced that it has arrested its own high-ranking defense official for “passing information to the U.S.” The U.S. adamantly denied any involvement in espionage in Burma.

The Union of the Republic of Myanmar  announced that they  arrested the Undersecretary of Defense Emily Eng “who has been found to been passing information the the United States.”

“The situation is under control and we are investigating what this treasonous act has compromised. As a large democratic power, we were disappointed by the hypocritical actions taken by the U.S. to undermine the negotiations over this crisis,”  stated High Ambassador to the Situation, Lindsay Toll.

The government of Myanmar would like to request that only regional parties be involved in solving this domestic crisis. “We believe,” Ambassador Toll stated, “that our sovereignty shouldn’t be violated in this way. 

From the central capital of Naypyidaw, the U.S. issued a statement. “The United States is deeply concerned by the recent accusations brought forth against the US government. The US denies any involvement in the current Burmese information leaks.”

Ambassador Siordia released a statement about recent accusations. “The United States vehemently denies any association with espionage in Burma. The US reaffirms the principles of negotiation with all conference members.”

The U.S. relationship with Myanmar and the NLD democracy group led by Aung San Suu Kyi grows increasingly difficult to parse, as nearly all sides in the region are on the record in support of upcoming Democratic elections and presumably, the Myanmar government would be working in conjunction with the U.S.


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