Kachin, Karen and Rohingha Mujahadeen condemned by Myanmar, takes Chinese military aid

The official government of Myanmar has issued a condemnation of three of the factional rebel groups thought to be involved in violence in the embattled Southeast Asian country — as the Myanmar Sovereignty Crisis. And, the group that had been the junta running the country as a closed socialist entity from 1962 to 2011, is accepting military help from China to beat the rebels.

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar finds the violence conducted by the The Kachin Independence Army, the Karen National Liberation Army, Rohingya Mujahadeen terrorist groups within our state  atrocious.  We condemn the violence  and the continued threat.

In another release, Myanmar said that it wanted to thank its friend and neighbor China for the military assistance it had provided to help quell the rebels.

“Myanmar is grateful for it’s all-weather friend China for its increased military assistance in the form of supplies and weaponry. This aid will be critical in resolving the current rebel situation,” the country said in the release.


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