India condemns Thailand for its actions that result in diplomatic corps (and possibly Burmese aide) in Tahiti

As the Thai delegation and possibly the “late” Burmese adviser Cassidy Person send regards from Tahiti and hundreds of thousands of people starve on the Thai/Burma border, the Indian government has issued a condemnation of Thailand.

“In light of the recent situations, India wants to first and foremost express deep and sincere condemnation for this irresponsible action in light of the crisis.  From the beginning, India has been a steadfast, transparent, and loyal friend to its regional friends and partners.  This highlights the grave need for a strong and trusted regional ally,” the fast-growing democracy said in its statement.

It is clear that the government of Thailand was working in its own self-interest with complete disregard for its people and those of other nations.  It is an insult to the loss of life and the current peace process.  India reiterates its commitment to finding a solution, to being a trusted neighbor, and a responsible regional leader.


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