Thailand Prepares for Influx of Myanmar Refugees With Foreign Aid

In a press conference with the U.S. and the United Nations High Commission, Thailand announced their reception of $48 million in foreign aid to assist with the incoming surge of refugees from Myanmar.

The breakdown of the $10.5 million of initial aid from the U.S. is as follows:

  • 42% USAID
  • 11% Peace Corps
  • 44% Health and human resources
  • 1.2% Defense

The U.S. stressed that the defense aid was a non-military gift from the Department of Defense to assist with training. The UNHCR offered an additional $5.5 million to assist with refugee relief. Upon the signing of the charter, the UNHCR also offered 30% of the initial aid and $11 million.

“With this influx of money, Thailand is in the position to provide responsible care for the displaced persons and refugees currently in our country,” said the Thai representative.

The total population of refugees in Thailand currently stands at more than 650,000–a number that is without a doubt about to increase, considering the conflict in Myanmar.

The U.S. also claimed the aid was a reward for signing the 1951 UN Refugee Convention .

In closing remarks, the Thai representative noted that the country is not discriminatory in its acceptance of foreign aid.

“Any aid from any country is more than welcome.”

Coincidentally,  a representative from India then stood and announced a gift of $3 million to Thailand in support of refugee relief.


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