Thailand moves 20K troops to Myanmar border: drugs, terror, refugees

The Royal Government of Thailand has announced its movement of 20,000 troops to the border area with Myanmar.
The explicit and limited scope of this military force is to stem the flow of arms, drug trafficking, and terrorists along the border, while protecting the displaced camps along the border, according to a news release from the country that just received an infusion of $10.5 million in U.S. funds through the U.N.
“Thailand is strongly committed to the global war on terrorism.  Given the recent suicide bombing in Myanmar, we, as a sovereign nation, must commit to a robust, but measured response,” said Ambassador to Myanmar, Joshua Gwinn.
“Thailand has a strong commitment to freedom of trade with Myanmar and this shall not be infringed or limited in any way due to our increased military presence.”

The 20,000 soldiers will be limited to counter intelligence operations against terrorists as well as narcotic and arms policing.  Soldiers will be trained with $150,000 from the United States as well as an undisclosed donation from other nations.

Thailand is currently hosting 120,000 refugees and foreign workers from
Myanmar.  Thailand continues to follow international guidelines on the
status and treatment of refugees.

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