Update: United States Intelligence accuses Rohingya terrorists of bombing, contradicts Myanmar

U.S. officials announced that intelligence efforts indicate that a Rohingya terrorist cell was responsible for the Naypyidaw bombing.

This statement contradicts Myanmar’s earlier investigation announcement, which also suspected terrorist work.

Myanmar officials released a statement that their intelligence resources suspect Bengali terrorists of the recent Naypyidaw bombing due to similarities to Oct. 4 bombings.

They added that the investigation will continue.

“The Myanmar government would like to repudiate any rumors of their involvement in the attack,” the statement read. “The Myanmar government would like further access into the city in order to properly expand our investigation and protect our citizens from any further attacks by these Islamic terrorists.”

On Oct. 4, a series of suicide bombings and car bombings occurred across Myanmar in the space of seven hours, killing 114 and wounding hundreds more.

The attacks targeted Buddhist temples and other public gathering places in Naypyidaw, Yangon and Mandalay.

After the attacks, the Myanmar government deployed military forces in the major cities and appealed to the international community for aid.

The NLD has requested that the United Nations investigate the attack on Naypyidaw.

A military investigation is underway in Naypyidaw, the NLD added in a statement.

“Although the NLD is headquartered in and controls the historical capital of Yangon, we would like to emphasis that Naypyidaw under control of the military … and so further access to the city should be contingent upon the wishes of the military,” the statement read.

India expressed concern about escalating violence and terrorism in the region.

“Our country remains committed to counterterrorism efforts, and we hope that information is forthcoming in regards to this particular situation,” India’s statement read.

A former version of this statement attributed the statement to the National League for Democracy. GNN apologizes for this error.


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