Myanmar suspects NLD behind terrorist attack: NLD calls United Nations to investigate

Earlier today, Naypyidaw fell under a terrorist attack. After meeting with Myanmar, delegates state that they suspect the National League of Democracy (NLD) is behind the terror attacks.

When NLD was confronted about Myanmar’s suspicions, they stated, “The NLD was not responsible for any attack in Burma. We have continuously worked for peace and will continue to seek a peaceful representation for Burma.”

After asking why Myanmar would suspect NLD to be behind the attacks a NLD representative said, “We assume it would be the actors of the military trying to place blame on the NLD and trying to distort our cause for democracy and peace in the region, but we are unsure. Right now we are in the process of calling in an investigation from the United Nations into the attack and seeking out regional security.”

The NLD sent out a press release on the matter:
“The NLD does not directly attribute the recent terrorist attack in Naypyidaw to any particular state or organization. The NLD continues to promote democracy and a peaceful solution for the violence within Burma.”


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