China: Only regional actors should be involved in the Myanmar conflict

Chinese officials hosted a press conference at 4:40 p.m. today addressing the importance of only regional countries remaining involved in the Myanmar conflict.

“Instability is a threat to all countries in the region. Because of this, we stress the importance of only the involvement of regional actors,” Taylor Land, a Chinese official, said. “Recent world events have shown what occurs when foreign governments attempt to intervene in the sovereign affairs of other states. We do not want this occur in our backyard or other regional players’ backyards.”

Land also clarified on an earlier report stating that China denied the occurrence of a meeting with the United States at 1:40 p.m., saying that China never disputed that the meeting took place.

In the report, a U.S. government document stated that the U.S. and China were both taking part in a mutual discussion over the events in Myanmar. The Chinese were offended by the document, interpreting it as the U.S. trying to speak for them.

“We had no communication with the U.S. prior to them releasing that document, and we were highly offended by the fact that they released it,” Land said.


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