US Rejects Syrian Accusations, Condemns UMC Involvement

The U.S. rejects Syria’s baseless accusations that the United States and its partners have spread disease within Syrian borders. Furthermore, the U.S. condemns UMC’s close involvement with the Syrian government as it perpetuates the humanitarian crisis in the country. We call on the UMC to share the information that it has accumulated regarding diseases in Syria. Finally, the U.S. asks that the Syrian government respects international norms regarding the treatment of prisoners and cooperates with the international community in order to resolve the situation.


One comment

  1. Ron O. · March 1, 2014

    The UMC team is very disappointed with the condemnation from the US. We are an independent, non-political organization. Our number one goal is to research this disease and help to mitigate the humanitarian crisis.

    We have been nothing but open with our research on this initiative and all others. If you would like more information about our operations, please reach out with us or meet with us.

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