UMC Personnel Expelled from Turkey and WHO Preferential Treatment for Kurds

The United Medical Center repots that all UMC personnel have left Turkey, as per the request of the Turkish government. UMC personnel are now working out of the newly-established office in SYria, where they continue to perform research and assist in the humanitarian crisis.

The UMC board and personnel are highly disappointed by the Turkish government’s actions, especially after what had been a collaborative and fruitful relationship. UMC officials are even more appalled that the Turkish government demanded all UMC research into the diseases ravaging the refugee camps be turned over.

The UMC says it will not pander to the Turkish government’s obstructive behaviors nor comply with Turkey’s demands for the results accomplished by the UMC. These actions amount to an effort to exacerbate the suffering of Syrian refugees that have fled to Turkey.

UMC officials will continue to perform valuable research in Syria that will benefit this region, including Turkey and the refugee camps located there.

Furthermore, WHO has been found to favor the Kurdish population in treatment of disease. Official personnel on the ground in the WHO’s Damascus office have disclosed that the WHO is providing preferential treatment to the Kurdish population as well as other opposition groups over the Alawite community.

It appears that the new cooperation between Jordan, the US, the UNWHO and the ICRC is focused not only on providing humanitarian aid to refugees, but also to excluding the Alawite people and undermining the current Syrian regime.

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