The company that left Turkey in a hurry after allegations that it was trying to profit from patented diseases is in Syria — gathering research from refugees and displaced persons with symptoms  and offering urgent care for soldiers, in addition to vaccinations to prevent disease.

The United Medical Company has partnered with the Syrian Security Services — President Assad’s army — to provide urgent medical care for Syrian forces at threat of being injured during conflict and vaccinations to prevent outbreak of disease.

The Syrian Leadership has provided UMC with access to displaced peoples suffering from symptoms of illnesses that have thus far killed several children and senior citizens.
In the absence of international organizations, the UMC is using its resources in collaboration with the Syrian government to provide medical care assistance in areas secured by Syrian Security.
The UMC is interested in preventing a regional epidemic crisis and will apply its limited resources to prevent such an outbreak, according to Lead Scientist Simran Kaur.
The illness has still not been identified and while UMC had been gathering data from refugee camp residents on the Turkish border, the company had to disrupt its research there under pressure to leave.
Turkey has said that it has ruled out cholera as the possible cause of the deaths.

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