Turkey threatens Dutch company for research, work product on illness

 Early this morning, UMC Scientists received threats from the Turkish government, demanding that scientists relinquish samples and research findings, according to a release sent from the commercial research company’s base in the Netherlands.
“We expect it as soon as possible. If we do not receive these samples, we will be forced to take more drastic steps,” demanded the electronic correspondence.
INN is seeking response from the leadership of the Netherlands and the EU about the threat against the company, which of course, is not a sovereign nation.
UMC scientists were expelled from Turkey earlier this year after Turkish officials alleged that the scientists were operating on ulterior motives.
“First and foremost, we are dedicated to our research. The scientists we have on the ground will continue to perform this invaluable research and, ultimately, that’s going to benefit Turkey as well,” said Simran Kauer, lead scientist for the UMC.
The UMC recently established a goodwill center in Syria, enabling scientists to perform research on within the affected area. The center is conducting research into the diseases and illnesses that have the potential to grow into regional epidemics.

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