Syrian government announces two major victories, one in Homs, one in Raqqa

The Syrian government has announced what it called two major victories in the cities of Homs and Raqqa.  Syria said it killed “countless terrorists.”

The United States  was quick to denounce the ongoing conflict within Syrian borders, specifically the recent violence in Homs and Raqqa. The U.S. did not have a comment about the dhimma tribute and restrictive laws against Christians in the town in Northern Syria near the holy city of Aleppo. If Christians don’t pay the tribute in pure gold and adhere to highly restrictive rules on their religion, they will be killed, the ISIS leaders in Raqqa have said.

It was unclear which “terrorists” the Syrians were referring to, or if in fact they were referring the Mossad, which some in Syria consider to be terrorists.

The United States, which had been supportive of the Free Syrian Army opposition, is in a tough position as reports link violence for this group to assistance by Hezbollah and al-Shabaab, which are both enemies of U.S. ally Israel and which cooperate with Islamist groups that target the United State for terrorist attacks like the 9-11 bombing.


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