Polio, MERS both confirmed inside Syria

Dutch commercial researchers have confirmed that they have found both polio and the MERS virus inside war-torn Syria, as some sources say that there are as many as 97 cases of polio alone since October 2013.

That means polio, what had had been eradicated in Syria for years, is back and with a vengeance. Some research says that the number of children under 2 vaccinated against the disease has fallen from 83 percent vaccinated before the start of the war in 2011 to 52% in 2012. 

Polio has been eradicated from the Middle East for years. Somalia, Nigeria and Pakistan are the top 3 nations in number of polio cases. Syria is fourth. Before 2013, Syria had recorded 0 cases of polio for six years running. 

“Our scientists are beyond dedicated to this cause and have been working around the clock to determine the diseases present and how to mitigate their effect,” said Simran Kauer, lead scientist for the UMC. 
There was no word from UMC about how many cases of MERS or polio they had found but them to be widespread.
Currently the head of mission of the WHO’s efforts in the region is under arrest in Syria, accused of bio terror.
UMC officials would like to caution that there are many other diseases present in Syria and surrounding refugee areas, including dysentery and pneumonia, which will also need to be treated. However, the UMC has found only a limited number of cases of influenza. 
Going forward, focus will be on determining how rampant the effects of polio and MERS are. At this time, UMC believes both to be widespread.
Researchers from the UMC will continue with 24 hour-a-day research on the diseases present and will report back with future findings. 

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