Turkey requested all UMC personnel leave Turkey after evidence surfaced that, despite repeated assurances to the contrary, their intent is to “undermine the public good by patenting the actual disease.”

Turkey  requested all of their property back from the UMC and were “saddened to learn of their refusal.”

The UMC has responded with an absolute NO. They will not relinquish any data to Turkey.

The UMC claims that the information belongs to them.  They claimed that it would be unsafe to release incomplete information, that Turkey tried to take the data through force, and they were fearful that the Turkish government would not share the information with other humanitarian agencies.

“We will be pursuing all avenues to make sure that our samples will be returned to their rightful owners,” said a Turkish official.

“It’s Turkey that is becoming the obstructors,” said Emily Cunningham of the UMC.

They claim that by blocking them out and denying them access to the information will only hurt the public.


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