Dutch company grabs patent, leaves Syria after leaving Turkey, offers “fair market price”

UMC, the Dutch research firm that has been at the center of the regional epidemic controversy in the Middle East has applied for a patent for the disease and its vaccine, offering access to countries at a “fair market price.”

The group brought into Turkey to research a flu-like illness that was killing people in Turkish refugee camps on the Syrian border. After it conducted some research and refused to share the results with the Turkish government, Turkey said that it had expelled the for-profit entity, which quickly aligned itself with Syria and gained access to Syrian patients of the disease.

“We have patented the rights to the vaccine of the disease according to international standards and are glad to sell the rights to use the vaccine to affected citizens,” UMC said in a release. 

Now, UMC, with its patent filed, is denouncing Syria and leaving that country.

“We would also like to announce our immediate and complete withdrawal from Syrian territory.  The alliance between the UMC and the Syrian government was based solely on scientific research and thanks to our discovery this alliance holds no further purpose.  Frankly, we find the sadistic pleasure with which the Assad regime ruthlessly murders his own people utterly deplorable and support the international community’s effort for regime transition Syria.” 

“That being said, we are officially an apolitical organization and are willing to sell the rights to use the vaccine to any government in the region, provided they are willing to pay full market price.
Turkey has filed charges against the personnel of UMC who were in the country and against lead scientist Isimran Kauer for theft of Turkish property. 
But UMC seems to be holding the region hostage as the sickness continues to spread.

“Given the governments’ and the international community’s stated commitment to mitigate the suffering of the infected, we have little doubt they will come to UMC and find ways to pays for the full cost of treatmentincluding the research and development the UMC has been so graciously willing to provide.”
Calls to the AMA, IRB of the HHS about potential violations of the research on human subjects protocols and the impact of a suspension of a U.S. incorporation or vending permit on the stock price of UMC were not immediately returned.

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