Curtis Rodgers displeased with United States, World Health Organization

In an exclusive interview with INN, Curtis Rodgers announced his displeasure with the United States and the World Health Organization.
Rodgers said that he knows the CIA and Israel failed to retrieve the bodies of two dead Mossad agents from within Syria.
“I know that and I’m not happy about it.  That dead bodies would be privileged over alive people,” said Rogers in a statement to INN.
 He would like more effort to be focused on his release and is unhappy with the initiative (or lack thereof) of the United States and the WHO.
“I’m unhappy about the American government and my organization, the WHO and their lack of initiative to come and negotiate my release,” said Rodgers, who is still in Syrian custody.
 He is currently being held by the Syrian government on charges of terrorism.
“He’s not a prisoner of war, he’s been arrested on charges of terrorism,” a Syrian spokesperson said.
Syria had no comment on the status of his trial.
Stay tuned to INN for the latest news.

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