BREAKING: Curtis Rodgers sentenced to death in Syria

Syria has confirmed that Curtis Rodgers has been convicted of terrorism and has been sentenced to death.

Rodgers will be executed within 24 hours, according to the Syrian government.

Questions have been raised as to whether or not the United States or the World Health Organization will intervene.

In a statement, the United States government said that they “do not recognize the Syrian government’s claim that Mr. Curtis Rogers is a terrorist. Moreover, the U.S. government has not seen any convincing evidence in support of these allegations.”

The United States also said that they have reached out to the Syrian government in the hopes that they would show restraint.

“The World Health Organization is internationally recognized to be a neutral health care provider,” a United States press release said. “The precedent being set here foreshadows a future in which the international community will be unable to address emerging health crises out of fear for the lives of personnel responsible for these tasks.”

It is still unclear what action will be taken. The United States said that they have contacted the Syrian government but “no initiatives have been established yet.”

We will keep you up to date with the latest news here at INN.

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