Turkey to Quarantine Sick

By: Isabel Rosales


Mirgul Karkinova, a Turkish official, says there are more than 700,000 refugees. Any refugees crossing the border must now go through health tests after the spread of a viral disease they’ve confirmed as Type A influenza. If found sick, they will be immediately quarantined. Although the symptoms appear Cholera-like, that infection has been ruled out by health officials.  Karkinova stated that through the confusion of information coming in about a possible outbreak, no one was originally tested for influenza. Those that progressed past the border without this test will now be scanned.

The current death toll is 39 with two paralyzed. Turkish health officials stated that the elderly make up most of those numbers. The deaths are not exclusive to families and appear unrelated. Samples are being studied for Type B influenza. Some of the symptoms are dehydration, reparatory and gastro-intentenstinal problems.

Turkey has added a line within their budget to cover refugees and is requesting international assistance.

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