Jordan, Lebanon, And Syria reaction To Saudi Arabia new laws.

Sadia Arabia releases a new law stating that they will give a citizen that leaves the country and tries to come back will get 5-20 years for fighting in domestic foreign affairs. If you are caught coming back in you receive 5 years. If you are caught fighting you get 10- 20 years in prison.

Jordan reaction is that they are more focused on the diseases affecting the refugee’s, The new law is not first priority but they will look into it.

Lebanon states they are not worried about new law, they have too much on their plate to worry about a government that says they are Trying to help their citizens but make new strict laws tying to keep people in the country. Lebanon officials say Sadia Arabia is to strict on citizens and that lebanon and Sadia Arabia don’t see eye-to-eye because of religious differences.

Syria however welcomes law because it will help deter people from coming into syria and starting trouble. Government says they have enough trouble with Sadia Arabians causing trouble in their country.


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