Putting it in perspective: Orange Task Force reacts to YouTube censorship appeasement, warns on Russians

Orange Force has reacted positively to the news that the State of Israel has ended all censorship of YouTube, but it warned that there may be more dangerous attacks coming—but not from them but Russian nationals. In an communiqué to INN, Orange Force wrote, “We are pleased that Israel has taken these steps to promote Internet freedom. We will continue to monitor this policy in Israel. We hope that this announcement represents an all inclusive policy towards censorship, including the release of anti-censorship leaders like Enoch Kaplin.”

“The decision to cease censorship was influenced by our partnership with the United States in the new cyber security initiative and by our own desire to fully respect internet freedom,” said Hannah Osborne Israeli press secretary.  Censorship of these videos was revoked at approximately 9pm EST.  She also said the Israeli government has been in contact with Google executives, who own the YouTube subsidiary, urging the company to take its fair share of responsibility for international security and insure better screening of their videos to comply with their own Terms of Service policies, specifically the YouTube Community Guidelines. These guidelines explicitly restrict content of videos demonstrating bomb-making, similar that was referenced by terror Tayyib Rashid in his construction of the laptop bomb detonated on El Al Flight 1235. It was that video that precipitated the incident resulted in the arrest of Enoch Kaplin and the resulting DDoS attacks on Israeli bank servers.

However, Orange Force warned that while members of its organization was interested solely in political matters, that was not the case for others who might be involved in cyber attacks.  Orange Force said it did not want to profit from private information.

Orange Force revealed its members had met with a Russian organization during which the Russians proposed an alliance with Orange Force. The Orange Task Force says it rejected the offer because it was not interested in causing damage for profit. Orange Force warned upcoming cyber attacks by others would cause significant damage to the states and companies involved in the current cyber crisis situation.

“This public statement is merely a warning of the nefarious nature of the Russian organization and their upcoming cyber activities of which all nations and companies should be aware,” wrote Orange Task Force in its statement to INN. Orange Force took pains to distinguish its activities from those of the unidentified Russian organization.


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