Israel, U.S. officials react to kidnapping and release of law firm employee

Reacting to the New York City kidnapping and release of a female Smith, Smith & Smith employee, Israeli and U.S. officials shed some light on the situation.

Israeli press secretary Hannah Osborne said:

“The Israeli government doesn’t have any information on the kidnapping of the uh Smith, Smith and Smith employee. And we do not foresee having any information. It is to our understanding that she has already been released.”

U. S. Secretary of Commerce Scooter Stein said:

“We have heard about it. We are currently investigating it. It happened on US soil therefore it is within our jurisdiction. We will not stop until we find the perpetrator.”

“Well we heard that there was someone kidnapped from the law firm who has been released. That is a pro-knowledge. We don’t really know what’s going since she was released. We’re not letting it go just because she is back at her law firm.”

“We don’t know if we can relate the two (the hacking and the kidnapping). We wouldn’t be shocked to find that they are related but these are two different acts. We can’t put them together because they are so different.”

“I do not have her name. I know it was a female from the Smith, Smith, and Smith law firm.”


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