FBI arrests former Defense Dept. employee for cyberattacks on NY senator’s web site

American officials have confirmed that former Department of Defense employee Michael Scapes  has been arrested  by FBI agents in connection  with the cyber attacks that took down Sen. Charles Schumer’s personal websites Friday. The websites were back up and operational later in the day.  However, the sites have been hacked once again today. Schumer, a Democrat, is the senior senator from New York.Skapes, taken into custody about 10 p.m. Friday,  is charged with hacking a U.S. Government website.Officials say they believe today’s hack on Shumer’s site is a copycat attack, “possibly to carry out his initial mission or to make it seem like we have the wrong person in custody.” Authorities say they are confident Skapes was responsible for the first attacks.

“The American government is doing everything in its power to combat cyber terrorism and will continue its investigations into all recent cyber attacks against American corporations and businesses,” officials said in a written statement to INN.

The hacktivist organization Orange Task Force is currently engaged in a public campaign to urge officials to “Free Michael Scapes!”  It hacked the “BluWired” web site and posted a message demanding his release, claiming credit for disabling the US Bureau of Prisons web site with a DDoS attack.


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