New Obama executive order, signed Feb. 13, empowers U.S. Homeland, Defense Dept. to look into cyber threats

President Barack Obama’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity, signed just days ago, may help U.S. officials beef up their response the the ongoing hacktivist attack by Orange TaskForce that’s crippling a bank in Israel after Israeli officials blocked some YouTube videos.

“The Executive Order by the President within the past two weeks is giving us wider range if we deem fit to look at cyber security issues. So the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, they now have wider latitude, they can now look into cyber threats occurring in the United States, have origin in the United States if they are abroad, and it allows us to look at such issues as we see,” U.S. Secretary of Commerce Scooter Stein said in an interview.

“We are currently working to solve what is going on with both Areya Bank and Green & Co. We are contracted in discussing it with both if them. We have, given our technical expertise in whatever ways we can, been working with them to see what they want. We are anticipating a solution, not necessarily right now, but we are getting close.”
“We have heard (of Nimbus) and we’ve met with Germanicus as well. This is another alternative that we have if we need more help or another professional voice outside,” he said, of the possibility of working with non-governmental organizations that specialize in digital assurance and rescue.

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