Israel cyber conditions getting worse but threats of bombing are unfounded

The Israeli government announced that it has hired Germanicus LLC, a leading assurance consultancy. It is hired to assist in the evaluation in a rapidly evolving cyberthreat environment in Israel.

The hiring of Germanicus took place 30 minutes after Green & Co., a New York-based  international banking firm,  announced that it was taking its server offline. This was after to hacktivist force Orange Task Force began  making a DDoS attack on the company. One of Green & Co.  subsidiaries in Israel Areyh is still coming under a DDoS cyber attack.

Green & Co. said that it was taking advantage of the Shabbat to perform “routine” maintenance in taking its server offline.

Previously, INN had reported that there were bombings and bomb threats in Israel surrounding this situation. That is not the case. INN regrets the error.



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