Green and Company Deny Individual and Personal Account Files Compromised

Green and Company representatives said that no American accounts have been compromised and attacks, which they stated were only a delay in service, were only made on Israeli customers.

Green and Company is an international banking firm that has recently been under attack by Orange Taskforce, a hacktivist organization. The representatives said that the DDoS attack on Senator Chuck Schumer’s, a Jewish Senator from New York, is only a attack on a personal website and is not related to Green and Company.

The representative said the U.S. is working together Israel to keep the banking system safe.

Furthermore, they stated that the Chinese attacks on The New York Times systems are not related to Green and Company. Green and Company said it has a good relationship with the Chinese government and would have no reason to think the Chinese government would originate attacks against its financial institution.

Green and Company stated that it has its own IT department, which supplies security for the company and, when needed, contracts with an outside security company.


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