Green & Co. server to observe Shabbat for “routine maintenance” during hacktivist attack

A major institutional bank is taking down its server and lighting the candles.

Green and Company, a New-York based international banking firm, has announced it will be taking advantage of the Shabbat, or Sabbath, to take its server offline to perform routine maintenance. A subsidiary of Green’s Areyh Bank in Israel, has been the subject of merciless DDoS attacks. The distributed denial of service attacks of seem to have crippled Israel’s banking industry.

“The Israeli government has enlisted the aid of Germanicus LLC, a leading strategic assurance consultancy, to assist in their evaluation of the rapidly evolving threat environment,” according to Hannah Osborne, Israeli Press Secretary.

“The Israeli Government is happy to enlist the services of firms the globe to gather a strategic perspective on opportunity assessment and risk mitigation, said Osborne.”

While most observant Jews strictly follow the rules of Shabbat, including observing a day of rest, not using electricity or driving, beginning at sundown on Friday,  there are exceptions during emergencies.

“In the case of war or threat of attack, all necessary defense measures are taken. In the words of the Talmud, ‘it is better to violate one Shabbat on the person’s account, so that he should keep many more Shabbatot,’” according to

Newly nominated Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, an observant Jew, told CNN’s Candy Crowley, that should there be a government emergency, he would not hesitate to ignore the rules of Shabbat. “If it’s an emergency,” Lew said,you need to prioritize.


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