Green & Co. releases more information about its Israeli servers and a Shabbat security patch

New York-based international banking concern Green & Co. has updated its earlier statements about disabling a server in Israel over the Jewish Sabbath as DDoS attacks continue.

At first, the bank said that it was going to take down its server over Shabbat for “routine maintenance, ” refusing to clarify whether the bank indeed had more than one server worldwide or in Israel. But a statement issued late Friday New York time was more specific.

The company said it is taking not one, but multiple servers offline but only in Israel, and not for routine maintenance. Instead the, company says, it is installing “security patches” during Shabbat on the Aryeh bank servers that have been affected by the cyber attacks by hacktivist group Orange TaskForce. OTK says it will attack Green & Co.’s servers until “Grey Cat,” the nom-de-hack of Enoch Moses Kaplin, is released. Kaplin was arrested after he was traced by Israeli officials through Green & Co. banking documents following his distribution of the OTK-created YouTube access software used to thwart an Israeli order for some videos to be disabled.  The Israelis took the action after a Saudi resident who detonated a crude airplane bomb device made of an overcharged laptop and a nail said he learned how to make the device from a YouTube video.

Client relationship management and customer service are still available in Israel by telephone, Green & Co. said

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