US – Mexico Conference encourages positive economic relationship

Anthony Gausepohl and Helen Brownelle speak at the U.S - Mexico conference of Border Governors earlier today. The group wished to keep economic trade open between their entry ports. Photo by Morgan Rhodes.

Representatives from the Northern Borders Governor’s Conference and Southern Borders Governor’s Conference said they wish to continue a strong economic relationship between the border states of the United States and Mexico.

“We cannot let despicable acts of violence threaten to end the enormous benefits produced by U.S – Mexico trade,” said Northern Borders representative Helen Brownelle.

Brownelle continued saying that trade of automobiles, chemicals, electronics and agriculture have created millions of jobs in both nations.

The group said the Mexican economy has seen a six percent growth in gross domestic product, which can be attributed to trade with the U. S.

Hours before the conference, conflicting reports from Mexico’s Secretariat of Public Safety and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security began to arise about a supposed connection between a member of Homeland Security to the Sinoloa Cartel.

Homeland Security denied these claims.

Abraham Delshad of the Secretariat of Public Safety. Photo by Morgan Rhodes

Oliver Keels, deputy director for DHS, said they believed this conflict would not interfere with the U.S. – Mexico conference of border Governors relationship.

Keels said Homeland Security expects their tense relationship to subside quickly with a “speedy vindication”, and they hope to rebuild their relationship with the Mexican Police.

Abraham Delshad of the Secretariat of Public Safety said they too with to rebuild a working relationship with Homeland Security.


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