Texas Gov. Rick Perry blasts Obama administration in blog, “Perryponderings”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a former candidate for the GOP nomination for president has taken to his blog, “Perryponderings” to denounce the Democrats’ handling of the current security crisis in Las Vegas, calling the response “ham-handed.”

Perry writes at http://www.perryponderings.wordpress.com, “The Obama administrations ham handed response to the pressing security issues that have arisen in the wake of thinational tragedy in Las Vegas should not be tolerated. The liberals in Washington have absolutely crippled our national security forces. How can we be sure that we are really safe?”

The governor, who along with the governors of California, Arizona and New Mexico deployed his National Guard troops to his state’s border with Mexico early in the crisis, continued ” We’ve got holes and moles and all sorts of suspect officials running our homeland security operations. Coast Guard officials are purposefully fabricating terrorist threats to secure precious tax payer money in classic Democratic pork barrel politics. I think its time that Americans demand a response from our administration officials. Janet Napolitano, Robert Mueller, and company have kept us in the dark for too long.”

Perry, who struggled with a long memory lapse in one of the early debates on the GOP campaign trail, seemed to continue the trend as he closed his blog post: “The Department of Education has indoctrinated our children with liberal gobbledegook. Some other federal department I can’t recall at the moment is also doing bad things…..Department of….Treasury? Heh.”


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