Rock world abuzz with worry over Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander

Rockers from Rockford, Il. to Budokan are beside themselves with worry over the fate of Cheap Trick frontman Robin Zander, thought to have been inside the Bellagio hotel’s John Varvatos boutique for a fitting during the heinous attack on Las Vegas this morning.

Robin Zander, far right

Like the concern that was mounted for rocker Alex Chilton during Hurricane Katrina, worry over the fate of the leader of the longtime rock outfit known for “Surrender” and “Dream Police”  and a legendary live album that launched the phrase “Big in Japan” has overtaken Twitter.

No one in Las Vegas has confirmed whether Zander was in the boutique, which no longer exists after an apparent car bombing for which no one has been officially been blamed. The lower floors of Bellagio, including the gaming floor, the sports book area, the upscale shopping mall and the cashier cages are still smoldering, though little remains recognizable.

Cheap Trick has been part of the Varvatos promotional campaign since 2008 and have played in Las Vegas at boutique openings. Advertisements featuring the 50-plus band members riding bicycles wearing the designer’s suits and ties have been popular.

President Obama last spoke at 4 p.m. Eastern and at about six p.m. authorized the Department of Defense to nationalize states’  National Guard units.


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