No word on whether Governor’s Ball and Oscars Ceremony will proceed.

As Hollywood gets ready to go to bed to get some beauty sleep, there is no word from California Gov. Jerry Brown on whether the traditional Governor’s Ball  the night before the Oscars or Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony will in fact be held.

The Governor’s Ball, scheduled to take place in the Hollywood Renaissance hotel facility adjacent to the Kodak Theatre where the Oscars ceremony is held, takes place Saturday night. The Oscars will be held on Sunday.

However, if the attack on Las Vegas proves to be a terrorist attack, it is possible that both events may be cancelled for security reasons. Several security experts based in Los Angeles have published scenarios of a Los Angeles attack and the proximity of some of the world’s most famous and wealthy people on the red carpet Oscar night might prove to be too much of a risk if information is not forthcoming on the Vegas attacks and a minimization of threat, if any.

Already, the Oscar ceremony will be marred. The death of “Moneyball” nominee Brad Pitt in the Bellagio explosions will hang over the entire ceremony. George Clooney, nominated for Best Actor in “The Descendants” and for Best Original Screenplay for “The Ides of March,” is reported in stable condition with a shrapnel wound in an undisclosed hospital. So, it is uncertain whether he would attend, even by video conference.




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