Nevada Governor and Las Vegas Mayor issue statements

Governor Sandoval, R-Nev., issued a statement about the attack on the Bellagio.

“I have ordered every asset at my disposal to assist with the hunt for the terrorists who attacked the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department has the full cooperation of the Nevada State government, the Nevada Highway Patrol, and the Nevada National Guard in its effort to apprehend those who committed these heinous acts. We will not rest until they have been found and brought to justice. My administration is also committed to the reconstruction of damaged areas in Las Vegas, which remains a crucial jewel in this state’s crown. I have spoken with President Obama, and he has assured me that the assets of Federal Government will be place at our disposal for justice and reconstruction. ”

Las Vegas Mayor Goodman issued the following statement:

“Las Vegas has experienced an almost unimaginable tragedy over the past twelve hours. These terrorists struck at the commercial heart of our city, seeking to do damage to the lifeblood of Las Vegas. We deeply grieve the lives lost in the attack, especially but not exclusively the police officers who paid the ultimate price in the service of duty. However, I am confident that the people of Las Vegas will recover from this wound, with the assistance of our brothers and sisters across America. Soon, I hope that the perpetrators of the attack of 2/24 can be brought to justice, and that this city can return to its normal way of life. ”


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