Mexican police say Mexican military shot American civilian in crossfire as they pressed Sinaloa drug cartel toward U.S. border

In an overzealous effort to pursue Sinaloan drug traffickers, armed members of the Mexican military hounded cartel members up to the U.S. border near Ciudad Juarez, firing indiscriminately. 

 In so doing, members of Mexican armed forces shot an American civilian caught in the crossfire. The American is in the hospital Medica Sur, condition unkown.

The incident took place near where 76 beheaded bodies were discovered shortly following the violent attacks on Acapulco, though no identification has been given of the dead or of anyone who might be responsible for the beheadingsl 

The current scenario hearkens back to a similar brazen attempt to police the U.S.-Mexican border by the Mexican military in 2003, when a similar pattern of violence ensued.  

At that time, U.S. Border Patrol public information officer Raleigh Leonard was cited as saying: “Anytime you have the Mexican military running around with all these weapons and military gear it’s quite frightening.”  The Secretariat of Public Safety is working with state governors to mitigate the damage done and reestablish control of border zones in Northern Mexico. In reaction the Southern Border Governor’s Conference said, “Unfortunately violent crime along the U.S.- Mexico border is an all-too-familiar occurence. Our administrations maintain close contact with both the Secretariat of Public Safety and the National Defense Army in order to monitor the security of our border territories. “


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