Mexican National Defense Army sends 200 troops to Juarez

Mexico National is reporting that via a news release the National Army is sending 200 troops to the city of Juarez.

The release they were sent said:

“The National Defense Army’s Civil Affairs Operation (UNIVIC) in Juarez is designed to support local Juarez Police forces. We are sending in 200 extra troops to assist Juarez troops in what they are already doing to keep Juarez residents and businesses safe.

We will contact KSTM News Channel 9: Juarez/El Paso and have regular commercial spots educating residents about the Army’s movements and reassuring them that the Army is there to make them feel safe.

The National Defense Army is working in full cooperation with the President of Juarez, Héctor ¨Teto¨ Murguía Lardizábal“

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security “believes that the Mexican Army is deploying in Juarez due to a heightened security situation there. There are no indications of a heightened security situation in El Paso.”


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