Items found in search of Las Vegas ‘safe house’ offer little evidence of attack planning

The items found in a Las Vegas “safe house” that was searched by Las Vegas Municipal Police and FBI shortly after the Bellagio attacks offer little evidence that the site was in fact a terrorist planning den.

But still, it was this safe house that led officials to issue a “suspicious drivers” alert that has yet to be rescinded, even after six people were shot following a high-speed chase near Jean, Nev.

According to the receipt for the search warrant executed by LVMP at the site, items found and taken into evidence included:

Marlboro cigarette butts, microwave food containers, candy wrappers, bloody rags, clothing similar to that worn by the Bellagio attackers shot by police, six masks, snack food, rolling papers, cocaine residue, and a razor blade.

While these items are common in many houses, including those shared by itinerant carpenters and builders who these days are idle in Las Vegas , things that were not found in the home included such safe house staples as: computers, laptops, cell phones, phone cards, laminating equipment, ammunition/weapons, cash, maps, gaffer’s tape, wire or tools.

It was the search of this safe house that lead the Northern Border Governors Convention and the Department of Homeland Security to issue a blanket search for “suspicious drivers within 150 miles of Las Vegas.”

People who may be connected to the attacks were shot by Las Vegas police as they exited wearing masks and carrying automatic and large-caliber weapons, but no information about their connection to any group, whether it be Al-Quaida or, as some have suggested, Mexican drug cartels, has been provided by American officials.

Other people, numbering six, have been shot following a high speed chase of a black Chevy Suburban south of Las Vegas, but there has been no confirmation that those people are in any way suspects in the Bellagio attack or whether the Suburban is registered to a private individual or a federal agency.


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