Homeland Security: Coast Guard, DEA zapped San Diego Harbor in ‘planned anti-terror’ exercise

The account by an officer on a Coast Guard cutter reported in the media has been misconstrued, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Those in the media and San Diego who thought that the speedboat attack that emptied Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach and LaJolla coastline areas was an attack related to today’s violence in Acapulco and Las Vegas simply hadn’t been read in.

INN recently reported that an anonymous source had outlined the way in which a thwarted attack on San Diego Harbor had actually been planned by Coast Guard and DEA forces, in attempt to secure future needs in the harbor for assets from these divisions.

But, in reality, according to DHS, the DEA and Coast Guard were involved in a previously scheduled anti-terrorism training exercise code-named “Fastboat and Furious.”

In a statement DHS  said “The officer aboard the cutter was divulging the parameters of the exercise.  The DHS would like to apologize for the misunderstanding.”

DHS referred all questions to acting DHS Field Marshal Tori Baker.

Despite the exercise being exposed as a planned U.S. government function, the medical marijuana outlets in San Diego that had announced special “Toasted Terror” rates on high-grade medical marijuana for stress relief vowed that they would honor the offer through late Saturday evening.



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