Governors’ group asks authorities to monitor ‘suspicious drivers’ within 150 miles of Las Vegas

The Northern Border Governors Conference has issued a statement asking authorities in California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico to be on the lookout for suspicious drivers within 150 miles of Las Vegas.  The group referred media to the Department of Homeland Security for details about what constitutes a “suspicious motorist.”
Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security has found evidence of  a “safe house” in Las Vegas that has prompted the request for diligence of the suspicious drivers.  However, Homeland Security said that it could not “comment on the ongoing investigation” when asked for details.
Meanwhile, activists within the Latino and progressive community are calling foul and asking for action.
Eddie “Piolin” Soltelo or “Tweety Bird,” KSCA-FM 101.9  in Los Angeles has called for everyone in the area, white, black, Asian, and other to go to Foursquare and “Check In As Mexican” in order to make sure that authorities can find “suspicious drivers” everywhere.   “Piolin,” provided the voice of Rafa, one of the dogs in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua,” reaches one of the largest Latino and Chicano audiences in the world on his radio show and was instrumental in the mid-2000s walkouts of California, Nevada and Arizona schools against immigration crackdowns.  @Dens, founder of Foursquare, reports that more than 500,000 “Check In As Mexican” checkins have been recorded and that the geolocation site is developing a “Really, Really Mexican” Badge.
The Committee of La Raza has issued a statement asking all Latino men, women and teens to get in their cars and drive on major highways and thoroughfares so authorities can easily find them.

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