Gov. Rick Perry, in reversal, calls for ouster of FBI’s Mueller

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, on his Perryponderings blog, is throwing fireballs, this time aimed at FBI director Robert Mueller, who just two posts ago, he support and praised.

Perry writes “News agencies reporting the gunmen that attacked Nevada authorities, and were eliminated with extreme prejudice south of Las Vegas, showed markings typical of Sinaloa Cartel members.  FBI Director Robert Mueller needs to get his head out of his you know what.  America needs leaders, and Robert Mueller needs a new job.  Inter-agency competition in our intelligence authorities crippled our nation in 2001.  Eight years elapsed during a Republican administration with no domestic security incidents.  Less than a term at the helm, and Obama and his liberal chicken hawks have crippled our domestic security, and directly caused the death of hundreds of brave law enforcement officials and innocent citizens. If President Obama hopes to salvage any semblance of credibility following these developments, he needs to take drastic action to address serious misinformation concerns within DHS.”

Mueller gave a zinging response. “Gov. Perry seems to forget that I was appointed by President (George W.) Bush and have been a dutiful public servant ever since. Fortunately, the Department of Justice was not one of the forgotten departments that Gov. Perry wanted to eliminate when he was still relevant in the national eye. ”

While frequently posting on his blog, former GOP presidential candidate Perry has not issued an news releases about how Texas will respond in changing  any procedures or securing beaches from any potential aqua-attacks.

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